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Gender Reveal Ideas

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of the many exciting experiences in pregnancy. Here, at Cherished Memories Ultrasound, we can tell you the gender of your baby anytime after 14 weeks.    Now, you need to decide how you are going to make the announcement.  Why not have a gender reveal party? It is a great way to get friends and family together to celebrate this joyous occasion with you.

Every gender reveal party needs a way for your guests to vote. I love the idea of a chalk board tally.

gender 5

Now add some pink and blue decorations and snacks  and you are ready for a party. We have some great ideas for decorations and snacks on our  Pinterest Gender Reveal snacks and decorations page.

The big reveal! There are so many ways to announce the gender of your baby. Make the inside of a cake pink or blue. Put pink or blue balloons in a box, which also makes a very cute decoration. Wrap silly sting cans in white paper and ribbons and have everyone spray away. We also love gender reveal Flutterfetti. (Click the hyperlink to watch video)


Whatever you decide it will be a time that you will cherish forever. Enjoy and visit our Pinterest gender reveal ideas page for more exciting ways to reveal your babies gender.

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All ultrasound packages include a limited sonographic evaluation which includes fetal lie and placental location. The FDA does not approve the use of ultrasound for entertainment purposes.

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